I love catching the sunrise, it doesn’t matter which time of the year it is, in a space of a few minutes it changes everything it touches.

Like everything at the edge, sunrise offers many opportunities to catch a wonderful picture, it unfolds over a relatively short timeframe, bringing along a sense of urgency.

Shutter speeds change from very long to very short in a matter of minutes, exposure settings need quick decisions.

It is useful to have an idea about how the picture will look like in the end, yet, no matter what the plan is, there is always a sense of unpredictability. Like in everything else in life the most important think is to find the right balance that allows us to meet a desired outcome, a dream, a vision.

Lower exposure to catch a well-defined sun disc will cause every other detail to disappear in the shadow, higher exposures to bring out details will cause the sun to blur away in the sky.

In the same way when our focus is too fixed on a specific outcome we completely lose sight of what is around us exposing us to unnecessary risks. If we spend too much time controlling every single detail before making a move, we lose sight of the bigger picture causing us to miss valuable opportunities.

The challenge is about finding the right blend between tension and harmony.