I loved watching “the Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, regardless of critics and reviews, something connected with me. I loved adventure ever since I can remember, exploring wonderful and unusual places, getting to know people, learning their customs, setting a destination without planning the journey.

The movie left me with a deep yearning for adventure which of course I tamed by reminding myself its not reality is just make believe…

As life went by, I too, like many others found myself living in a high pace grinding cycle, looking for adventure into new and exciting working experiences, seeking to drive performance, effectiveness and efficiency through the power and pervasiveness of technology which in turn became an integral and inseparable part of it all…

Even rest time is spent consuming  endless hours of  movies, social media and TV series on line, trying to escape the “reality” of every day, hoping to be bedazzled with the latest and greatest in the virtual life of made up characters.

Then yesterday at work I caught myself cycling through, Mail, drop task, linked in, google, Facebook and then all around again desperately seeking some form of personal satisfaction.

The penny dropped, the whole exercise seemed nothing but a futile attempt to keep the brain entertained while deep inside the soul was dying, abdicated to some form of virtual reality that constantly creates problems where there are none simply to give the brain something to do.

I could not hold it any longer,  I packed my stuff, went home, changed into my trekking gear, and drove to Glendalough. In the space of an hour I was basking in the middle of nature, and I immediately realised how un-fit I am yet I felt incredibly fulfilled.

My trusted Nikon the only real piece of technology I was without any network of communication, yet I felt more connected than I ever been in years. I had several close encounters with various kinds of finches, wild goats and deers. I even had a nose to nose with a curious baby deer. Every time, these creature turned to look at me as if I was an alien and were torn between curiosity and concern, yet trusting to get closer than I ever experienced.

I didn’t make it to the upper lake it was late enough in the day so I decided to stroll back to the town this time taking uncharted paths that got me to trade the ground and discover the most amazing corners of the forest with miniature waterfalls, and spectacular views.

I arrived at the monastic grounds just in time to catch the sun descending behind the round tower, I had food in the local tavern watching a bunch youngsters playing pool, then back on the grounds letting creativity loose amongst the stone artefacts…

I didn’t want to leave, I just felt right at home, rediscovering the ability to see things for what they are and simply enjoying to be part of it all…

It wasn’t until 21:30 when I got back in the car and began to drive back and stopped only to witness the sun set behind the mountains at Wicklow Gap. I sat on the car bonnet and waited for the sun to disappear.

When I arrived home bumped into the neighbours, whom I haven’t seen in a long time, and they invited me in for coffee, and I enjoyed sharing the latest news and endeavours.

It almost felt like the day didn’t want to end, continuously offering something new to connect with, should I choose to do so.

I arrived home almost at midnight, muscles aching, tired in the body, my soul full to the brim with contentment. It was only few hours yet it felt as long as an entire week and I realised how much we can do in a day when the soul is full, and wondered how much could be accomplished in a life time by engaging the soul with the world.

I think I got it backwards, it seems to me, we live in a ever more virtual world that is make believe; reality has a different kind of richness we can only experience if we decide to engage with it. Yesterday I made that choice and I let it guide me and at the end of the day I felt alive!!!