We stumble upon new ideas every day, and if we take the time to notice, it all starts where wrong meets right.

I was walking with a friend along the river Dodder one day when we stumbled upon a heron standings still in the middle of the stream hoping to pass unnoticed, of course I always have my camera with me and I took the opportunity to set up it up for bracketing and take some nice stills for HDR compositions.

As I keep shooting from various angles, excited by this bird not making a single move despite us being so close, I wondered how wonderful it would be to capture some action of it in flight.

I whispered my thinking to my friend and before I could even think of changing the camera settings, the heron took flight and I pressed the shutter button as I followed it with the camera.

Of course the setting where totally wrong, in low light with far too slow a shutter speed for motion, and bracketing sending exposure all over the place; but the situation was so right that I couldn’t forgive myself for having missed such wonderful opportunity as such close range.

Then I scanned the shots I took and like magic one shot had something special about it, the slow motion had blurred the tree foliage into darting green lines that contrasted beautifully with a reasonably clear heron in a wide wing span. 🙂

Of course it’s not perfect but it gave me an inspiration to try something new. If I can find the shutter speed sweet spot slow enough to allow me to capture a clear moving subject by following it, it would enhance the directional blurring effect of the background creating a very interesting contrast, especially with colourful and detail rich backgrounds.

So it doesn’t matter being in the right place at the wrong time, or doing the right thing at the wrong time as it is the perfect opportunity to discover something we would have otherwise missed. What is most important in the process is keeping an open mind, let go of our expectations, reframe our perspective to gain a useful new insight and practice to refine it application… 🙂

Just imagine the loss of opportunity if we where to get it right all the times… 🙂