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About Geode…

A geode is a very special stone, it looks like any other stone on the outside. When you pick it up it feels really light and if you gently knock on it with another stone, it sound a bit hollow. But, when you dare to cut it open...

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Another adventure

I’ve been playing again with wordpress, it is becoming addictive, I thought I’d give it a shot at building a site where I could share my view of the world through the pictures I take and maybe give the opportunity to...

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Let’s talk about wonderful visions !


Thank you for visiting Geode, I hope you enjoyed the journey.

I hope it inspired you to look around with a new set of perspectives.

Perhaps you have some questions about the photographs you have seen here or maybe you just like to bounce off ideas about photography and you feel you would like to voice your opinion about my blogs and images.

If that is the case, get in touch, I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!

Ciao for now :-)

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