After few full days of training delivery in Evanston, I managed to get the time to escape for a walk along Chicago north shore of Lake Michigan. A gentle wind and the sandy empty beach reminded me of the Adriatic seaside before the summer season opens.

I like to take a stroll in a new location especially in a foreign country, despite of similarities even the most common of local wild life can be surprising to the new eye, this time wasn’t any different. Being spring I was expecting to see the ever hopping American Robins, like their european counterpart they are never shy to get close, they are quite bold for that matter, and that makes them easy to photograph and somewhat given for granted after a while.

As I walked along for a short stretch of shore, a line of evergreen bushes hosted a clamouring noise of “Grackle” as I stop to look closer I spotted several birds that at first impression seemed to be black birds but their beak was also black. I almost ignored them when I notices an interesting blue shine around their neck, that made them more interesting. As I pointed the 300mm at them I noticed the sun gave their apparently black feathers a very unusual iridescence. I ended up spending over an hour observing them. The spring time instincts were obviously at play, the song singing and dancing being all part of the courtship process.

Once I got to a wi-fi connection I discovered how appropriate the name of this bird is, “Common Grackle”, certainly not after its iridescence, instead it is after its very unusual and characteristic “Grackle” call.

While this might be a common bird on this part of the world I was quite excited to see a new beautiful specie and to add a new bird to my collection of course.