Mother nature is a most incredible magician, it has so many tricks up her sleeves to delight us all. Every trick is different, but we must pay attention otherwise we miss it. The most amazing of tricks are only performed early in the morning. When the day takes over from the night. Water, trees and wildlife are at their absolute best in a short magic time we all know as “Dawn”.

Of course in summer time, up north, the day breaks very early, yet I manage to get the trail end of the weekend show.

Magic Sand

I was driving towards Port Wing on a long stretch of road between tick forest. An opening in the tree line caught my attention toward the  water of Lake superior. The water close to the shore, like by magic, was turning red . I did a double take, thinking it must have been a strange reflection. The more I looked the more it seemed real. I turned the car around and parked at the side of the road. After walking a short distance in the wet morning grass, I find myself on the thinnest of red sand beach I have ever seen. I felt like a kid getting to touch the sea for the first time. I played with the sand, the drift wood and the clouds above for ever. Then the sky gave me its warning and I moved on.

Deers on Alert

Travelling Douglas County it feels to be constantly on the same road no matter how many turns I take. Trees lined up on either sides, a mail box now and then indicating a house is probably hidden in the woods. When I got to a patch of open space my attention went to it only to be greeted by a pair of deer. I’ve seen so many driving up here lying on the side of the road, victims of far too many hit and run. It felt like magic to  see these ones alive, cautiously moving in the open field. With the same caution I stopped, draw the camera, set it ready, and slowly got closer and closer. Not sooner then being caught, they turned towards me in sync, then jumped fast into the woods again.

Right of Claim

The last morning I found myself walking along the Amnicon Nature trail. Stealthy searching for wildlife tracks to follow hoping for a lucky encounter. I wasn’t too lucky but this time the magic came from a different angle. The map was showing the existence of an old quarry with a camp site and a loading site that once was served by a switch back to the train railroad. I searched and searched all around the quarry now filled with water to form a little lake. It is amazing to think that over a million cubic feet of brown stone was extracted here. What was more amazing was to realise that mother nature had completely reclaimed the entire site erasing any visible sign of human presence. Even adapting the hole in the ground to a new purpose.

Every time I return from a journey into nature I’m reminded how deeply connected we are with it. We depend from it so much yet nature does not depend on us for survival, and that is perhaps the reason we often call it Mother.

Indeed we are able of inflicting enormous damage to this carefully engaged ecosystem. In reality we are only inflicting damage to ourselves.

My father always says that no matter how much we think we can control nature, ultimately nature will do what’s necessary to find balance, including erasing an entire specie. It is after all and Ecosystem and balance is its final aim.