After 15 year, finally my good old friend Matteo came to visit me in Ireland. It has been few year since we briefly met last and having him over for the week end it was indeed wonderful. For few days we were in our 20s again, a little rounder perhaps, a little less athletic, and indeed bolder (daring and with less hair :-).

It has always amazed me how no matter how long we haven’t talked to each other the minute we meet, Matteo and I immediately pick our friendship up where it left, after few minute of catching up on the stories and adventure in the last few year is going back to play again. This time we took a short trip to Connemara and we brought along Matthew my older son and Matteo’s god Son. I still wonder what he must have thought of us.

The great thing about this kind of friendship is that even after 15 years it feels great to be ourselves with all our own idiosyncrasies. There were moments of deep serious conversations and there were moments of reciprocal slagging. Some moments where of undiluted creativity where ideas sparked to take a picture and shape it to make it great one holding filter for the other or shining a torch on a subject to bring out the colours. Some ideas where of travels to capture the world wonders on a sensor.

And as we went along playing, we learned a lot from each other, and somehow we rediscovered ourselves and who we truly are beyond the persons we have become.

So here is to friendship, to those who grow yet have the courage to be themselves and share few precious moments of lightheartedness.