One of my favourite places in Ireland Poulnabrone (Poll na mBrón) is an ancient dolmen that stands in the middle of a stone desert. I often wondered what caused its builders to choose this specific location. It’s meant to be a portal to the next world and indeed it feels that way.

Last time I was here the cloudy sky light up a foreboding orange background and Rory helped bring out the stone light painting with a torch. This time around I had the assist of a low Moon light to shine over the stones, the milky way just barely visible yet providing an extra ingredient to the mystical recipe. This time I had the help of Rachel’s keen eye to look for angles and lines, noticing a likeness between the Dolmen and the tree. I can’t imagine the two not being together. The tree, symbol of life the Dolmen, a gateway to the after death, both so close together under the immensity of the galaxy. It is almost a reminder of our life brevity yet it punctuate how magnificent such life can be.

As the camera takes it all in so do I, enjoying the calmness of the land and the vastness of the sky, it reminds me how much I learned about night photography since I was here last and how much more I have to learn still. Every shot almost suggesting new challenges, tickling the mind with new ideas to capture the essence of the moment.

There is always a point in these excursions when it becomes clear to me it is time to let it go, and as we make way to the path back to the car, we catch the Waning Crescent Moon hanging just above the Dolmen’s roof, lighting up the few clouds on the horizon I toyed with the idea of setting up the gear again, and I almost did, yet it felt it was that time to let it go and take it in as gracious parting gift for our eyes only. 🙂