Polnabrone Dolmen

Co. Clare, Ireland 2015

The Path

Wyalusing, Wisconsin, USA 2017

The Diving Platform

Blackrock, Galway, Ireland 2015

The Valley

Pian dei Resinelli, Lecco, Italy 2017

Water Fireworks

Coolmain Strand, Co. Cork, Ireland 2010

The Beach

Lake Superior, Wisconsin, USA 2015

The Hotel

Piani D’Artavaggio, Lecco, Italy 2012

City skyline

Chicago, Illinois, Usa 2017

The patio

Liss Ard, Co. Cork, Ireland 2014

The Bay

Rasheen Bay, Galway, Ireland 2016

The Forest

Wyalusing, Wisconsin, USA 2017

Sunset on the bay

Blackrock, Galway, Ireland 2016


Horseshoe, Co. Galway, Ireland 2017

The Lake

Pickerell, Wisconsin, USA 2016

Reflections on the bay

Booterstown, Dublin, Ireland 2017

The Pontoon

Lough Abisdealy, Co.Cork, Ireland 2015