Last Sunday we took on another excursion on the Connemara mountains with the gang. It has been a busy week and only now I get the chance to pick up the strands of thoughts floating in my mind about the adventure. Once again we were blessed with a few strands of sun for a change and after a bunch of dry days, the turf was much more navigable.

Strands of hope

This time we started along a gentle slope around Derryclare that provided a spectacular landscape. Strands of sun piercing through the clouds lightened the flat green bogs and bounced off the twisted Loughs. In some way the beauty of the landscape made the effort much more bearable. Or Perhaps the daily stretching exercises are having the desired effect. Either way a little hope is also piercing through my banged up confidence. Perhaps I can still do this 🙂

Strands of conversations

The great thing about these excursions is that everyone has a different pace and rhythm and over the 6 hours marching there were always opportunities to share part of the path with someone different. Talking about different things with different people every time, getting to know new people with different experiences and unique personal stories. The conviviality and camaraderie of  the shared effort is true soul food.

Strands of endorphins

As the excursion drew to an end tiny strands of endorphins rippled through the body. Despite cramps, despite tiredness, despite everything they left the soul happy and content. Their effect lasting far beyond the end of the day.

At the beginning of every journey for a few seconds I always ask myself why did I get myself on this road. Worrying about the difficulties ahead and the effort required to overcome them. Deep inside I always know that in the end these little strands of sunshine make any effort worth.