Walking home from Galway City, on a rare glorious summer day, I allowed myself the luxury of the “dolce far niente” which of course is never that simple. At the core of this tipically Italian art is the idea of wondering aimlessly and take the time to indulge in life’s pleasures. Armed with this spirit I departed arabica café in Dominick Street and trail my way to town to get lost in the herd of summer tourists prowling shop street.

The creative trail

It didn’t take long before I reached Claddagh, one of my favourite places. Of course when there is no specific objective to pursue, pressure subsides and the mind opens. In such a state of mind it is easy to fall pray of endless creative encounters. My trusted Nikon made its way out of the bag into my hands and click after click the images clocked up in the memory card.

The first time trail

I always connected swans with classical dance, perhaps because of Tchaikovsky. For the first time I witnessed two swans dancing in a perfect circle and I understood why the”Swan Lake” has become such a symbol of classical dance. Few hours later I experienced another first. I’ve seen jelly fish  many times stranded on the beach, still and lifeless translucent blobs in the sand. Waking along the rocks on Ladie’s beach I spotted one, alive and sailing like a spaceship in the crystal clear water. It reminded me of a bull’s eye candy in wobbly lime jelly. Amazing the weird connections the mind can conjure up.

The perspective trail

As I walked all the way from South Park to Seapoint, I was just captured by the wide perspective of the bay under this unusually clear sky. Things that normally are hidden away beyond clouds  and myst became so clearly visible under such bright light. Everything seemed to get closer. In a strange paradoxical game of perspectives even the coldest deep blue of the sea suddenly became somewhat warm and inviting.

Once again, I became to wonder how much do we truly miss from our daily life, running from accomplishments to achievements. Every day yearning for an illusory sense of satisfaction that can only truly be satisfied by let it all go and engage in the art of the “dolce far niente“.

I eventually arrived home only after enjoying the sun, exploring the head of the bay, and finding a rare little egret. Even after finally laying down in the hammock the world around never stopped to reveal new interesting surprises. Quite a productive a day after all.  🙂