This Sunday was one of those rare occasion when the Irish weather is incredibly warm and the sunshine is so pleasant that you can’t resist a pint in a beer garden. Well wanting to explore around for new nice places in the midlands, we ended up going back to the somewhat local pub  Lizzie Buggies. Apparently is one of the very few pubs with a beer garden worth its name. As we enjoy the down time the click mania start to take hold and I have to say, probably with a bit of purchaser bias that I was shocked at the quality of pictures that the iPhone4 camera can take. The tuppence has such a definition of details that is shocking considering that was basically taken with the iPhone standing on the table.


Even Rachel had a go and took some wonderfully creative shoots, and the beauty of it is that they didn’t need any retouching whatsoever… really impressive… and I don’t hide I feel a very happy iPhone4 owner… but then I have to justify my expenditure in some way…


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