A month after visiting Chicago for the first time, I’ve returned with the specific plan to capture the city by night. The first surprise was to find that by now spring has arrived and has changed the feel of the city so dramatically it is almost unrecognisable.

A warmer Chicago

The inner Chicago warmth has now spread to its lake shore, where a month ago there was hardly any sign of life aside from few straggling geese, this time the noise of birds was so loud it almost hurt. With St. Patrick celebrations taking place the Navy Pier was also bustling with people from all parts of the world, almost like St. Patrick has now become the patron of the world around rather than an Irish exclusivity. I’m not surprised he had such a success in converting Ireland.

Like mindedness, creativity and the pursuit of uniqueness

After quickly dropping the bags in the hotel, I headed for the Navy Pier to survey the situation and identify useful view points. As I kept an eye to the Sun’s elevation I began making decisions where to go first. Part of me wanted to catch the sunset from the Ferris Wheels, but I guessed that would have taken some very fortuitous timing for a very short window of shooting. So I resigned to set camp at the head of the pier and make the most of the sunset phases. And  yet again I wasn’t expecting the masses of sunset lovers with very similar intentions to mine. It is humbling to realise again and again that despite my deep desire to find uniqueness, the stark reality is that we are all attracted by the very same things we consider unique. And in following our desires we find each other in the same places, doing the same things, in an almost supernatural convergence of minds. Now we have an excuse to engage, to share and help each other out.

The very same desire for uniqueness pushes me to look for new ways to interpret what’s in front of me. Sometimes with immediate success, sometimes the process leads me to new interesting insights and explorations, either way it gives me immense satisfaction.

A new Planet emerges from the top of Chicago’s Ferris Wheel

While the night falls over Chicago thousands of picture are taken, few encounters are made, the soul is refueled with awe, beauty and satisfaction. The time has come to move on and find new pursuits. The mind wanders over what has just taken place, the short span of time has left such a deep mark in the soul it feels endless. But there still one more thing to do, and now that the soul has been restored the mind is more positive and it’s ready to engage again.” Remember? I had planned to shoot the city from the top of the Ferris Wheel, I’d better do that so!” and as I pay the $7 ticket for the single ride I don’t care anymore about boarding the cabin on my own, while everyone else shares it with loved ones. The City will be mine alone for a few moments and I forget about the heights I’m rising to, and how fragile the little cabin I’m suspended in looks. As I rise high above it all I find a new planet, a city of light like the ones we see only in movies, but this one is real and  it is all mine to take in… 🙂